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She's Thinking is dedicated to increasing the accessibility of STEM.

STEM has historically been inaccessible to a myriad of communities, including the deaf and hard of hearing, people of color, and non-english speakers. We seek to overcome barriers to understanding, communicating, and analyzing scientific information.

With this mission in mind, She's Thinking has harnessed the podcast as an educational tool to engage audiences that have been historically excluded from STEM conversations. 

 HYPOTHEKids | NY Bioforce

We partnered with the non-profit HYPOTHEKids to deliver an engaging series on COVID-19 vaccine biology and vaccine hesitancy to underserved and underrepresented high school students.

 Guardians of the Forest | Portuguese 

For a segment of our climate change series, we spotlighted the efforts lead by the indigenous community of the Pankaru in Brazil, where their native language is Portuguese. To make the content accessible to this community, we produced both a Portuguese and English version of the episode.

The COVID-19 Vaccine | American Sign Language

To educate the deaf and hard of hearing about the COVID-19 vaccine, we interviewed a deaf representative of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He communicated the importance of taking the vaccine in ASL. 

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