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Ep 15: Guarding the Forests

To wrap up our climate change series, we will spotlight a community that feels much of climate change's effects, yet is often left out of the climate change conversation: indigenous peoples. We sit down with João Victor, a young climate change advocate and member of the Pankararu indigenous community of Brazil. Though João is currently a PhD student in Pharmacy, he remains a fierce advocate for his community, working to rally others to combat climate change and ameliorate the effects this global issue takes especially on indigenous communities. João's work is done through and with the Guardians of the Forest and the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities.

Organization Spotlight: The Guardians of the Forests (Global Alliance of Territorial Communities)

Watch an award-winning documentary highlighting the inspiring story of the Maijuna Indigenous group of the Peruvian Amazon as they fight for their biologically rich ancestral lands and cultural survival.

Catch up on a presentation created by guest João et al. about forest protection and indigenous communities.

Learn more about their mission here.

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