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Ep 5: Modeling Public Health Data (Tuite)

Public health data models are used to predict and explain trends in public health outcomes, such as is the case with pandemics, food insecurity, maternal mortality, and hospital resources. These models inform policy-making and public health decisions at the institutional, communal, and federal level, with the potential to impact the lives of millions of people. How are these models built? How do modelers interact with policymakers? Why is it important for modelers to engage with the community they are modeling? These questions are explored with Dr. Ayaz Hyder, PhD, from Ohio State University and Dr. Ashleigh Tuite, PhD/MPH from the University of Toronto, both of whom are mathematical modelers.


Guest Spotlight: Ashleigh Tuite, PhD, MPH

To learn more about Dr. Tuite, her background, and her research, click here for her profile.Check out Dr. Tuite's tweets @ashtuite on Twitter!

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