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Ep 13: Protecting the People - a Fenceline Community's Fight for Environmental Justice

In the first of two episodes, we explore the lived experiences and grassroots work of the Cherokee Concerned Citizens, an organization dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of their fenceline community. Our guests, Barbara and Jennifer, discuss what it's like living next to production plants for companies like Chevron, VT Halter, First Chemical, and Mississippi Phosphates, and what they're doing to fight environmental injustice.

Organization Spotlight: The Cherokee Concerned Citizens

Learn more at their website here.
Read their blog available here.
Check them out on Facebook at CherokeeConcernedCitizens.
See another spotlight here.


Respiratory Issues

A survey conducted by the Cherokee Concerned Citizens revealed pervasive respiratory issues. Check out the results here.


Check out CCC's partner, LEAN

The CCC partnered with a biologist at LEAN to create a survey. Check out this org here.


ProPublica examines the dire environmental situation in Pascagoula

ProPublica's recent article, "They Knew Industrial Pollution Was Ruining the Neighborhood’s Air. If Only Regulators Had Listened" is available for viewing here. Delve deep into the issue affecting the residents of Pascagoula. A SunHerald article examines the results here

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