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Ep 1: Through the Lens of a Scientist

Academia and industry are two traditional routes taken by scientists who have just obtained their Ph.D. What about policy? In our first episode, we dive into the world of science policy with Caitlin Warlick-Short, Director of Communications at the National Science Policy Network, and the way in which young scientists can initiate local, national, and global change.

The Federal Register

The Federal Register allows citizens to keep up-to-date on current government agency rules, public notices, and recently proposed rules.


Contact Your Reps

Click here to find your Representative and here for your Senator.


The President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST)

PCAST advises the President on matters involving science, technology, education, and innovation policy. The Council provides scientific and technical information that is needed to inform public policy.


Check out this article to learn the steps by which a bill becomes a law.

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